Cutting Edge Automation For Social Media Has Landed

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Aussie born Luke Maguire may have had a eureka moment with the issue of posting on Facebook and Instagram with very effective Automated Social Media Software entitled Social Autobots. The future of social media could be here now.

Many inbox’s get flooded daily with the next best thing with what is now termed as “Shiny Object Syndrome”. If suffering from this is something new to most, watch out as people have reported losing thousands, spending money on software products that do not bring the successes desired.

Social media is the way forward, for now at least, in the internet world and if one can tap into it in the right way success can land at anybody’s doorstep. It would be great to post to any social media account 365 days of the year and not have to worry about content either.

One such individual with foresight in this arena is Luke Maguire, the Australian born developer has come up with a unique piece of software that fills the void of the lack of automation without losing the human control and does not break the bank either.

Maybe the future is here as Mr Maguire says “I have found something very special with the Social Autobots software. I found out what was missing after years of working in social media and filled a void and made sure everyone feels comfortable with my stuff”.

Lack of knowledge or even focus could be the one thing that is missing but research has shown many people would benefit from a smaller learning curve that could work straight out of the box.

The focus that is needed with all types of education has to be present in any system, so does the support associated with it. People do not take too kindly to the much talked about 2nd language speaking temporary call centre set up.

The benefits of the whole posting to social media sites are massive when ethically sound and maybe there is a solution here. The future may have just become the present, Maguire’s product may speak for itself as will many others but that’s up to the intelligent individual to determine.

Take a look here at Social Autobots

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