Cute Pug Dog Daily 2022 Planner/Notebook – Funny Christmas Gifts Women Launched

WG Wholesale have released a new canine-themed daily planner, featuring to-do lists and more, for customers looking to be more organized in their day-to-day life.

The new organizational tool features a series of eye-catching pug-themed artwork and is now available just in time for the holiday season.

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Customers looking for an easy, fun way to manage their time more effectively or who are searching for the perfect present for dog-loving friends can now purchase these colorful planners from the popular online retailer.

Daily planners have become increasingly popular as a simple way to keep track of tasks. Used properly, they allow people to manage their time and be more organized, by breaking down tasks into simple ‘to-do’ lists which make them more attainable.

WG Wholesale’s ‘daily planner for any dog lover’ gives customers total freedom to fill the pages in whichever way they find most useful. This helps people to keep work in order, prioritize tasks and check them off as they are completed, and keep track of important phone calls, meetings, and drop-offs.

The 6 by 9-inch notebook contains 50 tear-off pages, each featuring a variety of boxes to fill in. The box headings include prompts such as, “Today I’m Grateful For”, “Things For Later”, and a meal planner. Each page is decorated with artwork of pugs and motivational messages.

The lightweight planner comes with a 900gsm solid cardboard backing so that pages will not get bent or ripped, and each page is printed in vivid color. The heavy-duty paper is high quality, smooth, and easy to write on, and uses non-bleed technology so that the ink will not run when writing.

WG Wholesale have many other planning products available, including daily planners featuring Corgi and French Bulldog artwork. They also stock arts and crafts materials to allow buyers to decorate their planners and scrapbooks, and gift-wrapping materials to wrap the planners.

The wholesale brand was created in 2020 and is dedicated to providing customers with unique, eye-catching products at affordable prices.

A spokesperson for the company said that: “These pug planners are a great dog-mom gift for any birthday, anniversary, or Christmas.”

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