Cute Love Drawings – Cartoon Portraits/Illustrations Subscription Gift Launched

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Tellinga has launched its subscription service featuring cute cartoon art that tells a personalized story based on information given by the purchaser. Individuals can give a gift that celebrates a memorable occasion with original portrait artwork illustrating a life event of the gift receiver.

This company now gives people a way to celebrate special days like birthdays and anniversaries with a personalized art subscription designed specifically for the celebrant.

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This newly launched service will be especially appreciated by people who are looking for a unique, thoughtful way to let a friend or family member know that they are remembered on their special event.

Some people think that old-fashioned letters sent via the post office are a thing of the past. Surprisingly, though, 14.6 billion letters were sent via snail mail in 2020.

In this age of technology and fast email, there is still something exciting about getting a physical piece of mail. It’s even more exciting when that envelope contains cute love drawings depicting a personalized story about the receiver.

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Tellinga’s process is easy. An individual provides a description and photos. Then Tellinga creates the artwork and sends one illustration each week to the recipient. A six-part story will have six original sketch drawings, one sent each week for six weeks.

Tellinga emails digital copies to the purchaser who can then share the art story with other friends and family. In addition, copies are stored in the ‘Download Your Story’ section of the website in case they need to be downloaded later.

Founder Alex Kurkowski started mailing cute hand sketches to family and friends, one picture at a time, to keep in touch. Friends loved these personalized gifts and encouraged him to turn his hobby into a business so others could do the same.

The image of the struggling artist in poverty is universal, but Tellinga currently employs 25 artists and has created a platform where young artists can use their art degrees to be creative and also to support themselves financially. In addition, Tellinga donates money from every order for breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and PTSD research.

A company representative said: “Tellinga creates miniature illustrative art subscriptions that tell your story through snail mail. It’s similar to the excitement you get from awaiting the next episode of your favorite television show, but instead of looking at another screen, you get to have that same experience but through your mailbox. These caricatures and cartoon drawings of people are a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion.”

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