Customized Florida Gators Unisex Apparel Socially Responsible Clothing Launched

Florida Gators AG Fan Shop, a University of Florida custom apparel seller, launched a new collection of personalized Florida Gators aparel manufactured by the socially-responsible clothing company Alta Gracia. The collection features customizable family models, men’s, women’s and unisex models in a variety of sizes.

Florida Gators AG Fan Shop, a personalized University of Florida custom apparel seller, announced a new range of personalized Florida Gators t-shirts and hoodies manufactured by the socially-responsible clothing company Alta Gracia.

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Customized apparel has grown in popularity over the past decades, as people choose to express their preferences for certain pop stars, sport clubs or even social movements through the medium of their clothing.

This trend met another one, the increasing demand for “socially-responsible” companies that pay higher-than-minimum wages – also known as “living wages” – to their workers.

Alta Gracia is such a company, paying their workers in the Dominican Republican wages considerably higher than the national minimum, as well as providing them with a safe and healthy workplace and the right to form a union. Additionally, the company also provides its employees with health and educational benefits, as well as other forms of workplace and social aid.

Florida Gators AG Fan Shop announced a large collection of customized, University of Florida-approved Florida Gators apparel. The products are manufactured by Alta Gracia in socially-responsible working conditions.

The Florida Gators AG Fan Shop catalog includes a wide range of unisex, men’s and women’s clothing, semi- or fully-customized. The models come in six colors – white, grey, black, blue, light and dark orange – and they feature a variety of messages showing support for the Florida Gators.

The family collection includes customizable grandma, grandpa, grandchildren and couple t-shirts. Nicknames and couple names can be fully customized, and the shirts come in a wide variety of sizes. Whole family models are also available, featuring the family name and a Florida Gators fan message.

Other models include men’s and women’s models with different messages, such as “When I’m Not Cycling I Scream Go Gators” or “This Girl Loves Gator Football”.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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