Customizable LED Illuminated Face Mask Launched

maskLED has announced the release of their cutting edge LED face masks with a 50% launch discount. The face masks allow for instant self-expression via colorful LEDs Bluetooth connections.

maskLED has announced a launch offer for their newly released LED face masks, which give people the option to express themselves with customizable face masks featuring illuminated displays.

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The new LED face masks from maskLED use programmable color LEDs, which aim to give wearers the ability to create custom animations, words, and images to be displayed on the front of the mask. Additionally, maskLED is offering customers a 50% discount with a special launch offer.

Wearing a face mask has become a necessary requirement due to the current pandemic landscape for both our own safety and that of others. However, many people find that the face masks available to them are plain and uninteresting to wear or have a medical look that is undesirable for day to day life. maskLED is aiming to help solve this problem with its colorful and customizable LED masks.

The cutting-edge LED face masks from the California based company were designed to give people the benefit of a face mask that can be adjusted to their own preferences with instant self-expressions such as being able to show their current mood or to entertain others with colorful animations.

For ease of use, maskLED’s face mask can be connected to a free app on IOS or Android devices via Bluetooth. This connectivity aims to allow people to easily change the design on their face masks whenever they want to change their personal expression or look.

For further customization, the maskLED face masks can also be linked to music being played through a wearer’s smartphone and allow the face mask’s visual equalizer to respond to the music in real-time. To see a video of the LED face masks in action, people can see a YouTube video here

maskLED’s face masks aim to be comfortable for daily use with a breathable fabric and adjustable ear loops that allow people to find the best fit for their face. Furthermore, the electronics used within the masks are removable, giving people the ability to easily clean the mask when it is not in use.

To celebrate the launch of their cutting-edge face masks, maskLED are offering a 50% discount for people who make a purchase through their website and are also offering fast tracked shipping from California, so customers know when to expect their items.

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