Customer Experience – Reverse Logistics Supply Chain Productivity Report Launch

Blumberg Advisory Group has launched a new whitepaper assessing the ways customer experience (CX) is driving productivity, efficiency, and reverse logistics operations. The whitepaper is timely, as many businesses are upgrading outdated systems and setting sustainable goals.

The newly launched whitepaper from Blumberg Advisory Group states that a considered customer-facing strategy can affect a company’s ability to scale and develop a reverse logistics supply chain. It includes best practices for organizations that want to implement a depot repair management system that works. The whitepaper is sponsored by Mize, a leading vendor of Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) software solutions.

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“CX: The New Driver For Optimizing Reverse Logistics Operations” is the title of the new whitepaper, which highlights the benefits of a circular business economy. For the past few years, sustainability has grown in importance. However, what has changed this year is the way consumers have driven it.

Businesses and organizations must meet their commitments to the environment and sustainability, states the whitepaper. Consumers understand greenwashing and want to see genuine change. Companies have an opportunity to enhance their green credentials and build consumer confidence. Consumer trust can help a company’s reputation in the long term.

The whitepaper also states customer experience is causing organizations to reassess and upgrade legacy infrastructure. One of the unexpected outcomes of the global health crisis was the demand for agile omnichannel systems that enhance the customer experience. This customer-facing demand has had consequences for outdated systems. Particularly those that work in the background.

Blumberg Advisory Group states in its whitepaper that legacy supply chain management systems are not agile, robust, or capable of providing useful analytics in real-time. As the systems become older, the problem will only get worse.

In addition, the new whitepaper highlights the fact that a depot repair management strategy can strengthen the customer experience. Blumberg Advisory Group states this target is prime for optimization.

The Blumberg Advisory Group is based in Warrington, PA, and aims to help organizations create, develop, and implement strategies to help them take their business to the next level. This could involve market research, productivity systems, or strategic planning. The group offers a comprehensive service that supports clients from concept through to implementation and evaluation.

A company spokesperson said: “As organizations look beyond streamlining reverse logistics operations to improve revenue and margins, customer experience has emerged as the primary driver of future gains. This whitepaper examines three key drivers of this refocused effort on reverse logistics.”

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