Customer Appreciation Day Announced By Mommy Please For Play Food Set Fans

Mommy Please, the manufacturer of the #1 rated play food set, announced today that they would have a customer appreciation day.

It has been ten months since Mommy Please launched their best-selling play food set. During that time, they play food has become a customer favorite. In order to celebrate those customers, Mommy Please announced today that they would have a customer appreciation day.

“We love our customers. They have been enthusiastic and provided us with fantastic feedback to help make our play food set the #1 ranked toy food set on,” explained Mommy Please spokesperson Elsie Murphy. “This is a great accomplishment. Our loyal customers are the key to our success. We want to celebrate them. This is why we will are planning a customer appreciation day.”

Made of BPA-free plastic, which makes the product safer for children, the Mommy Please 125 piece food set is also very durable. Mommy please makes every effort to ensure only the highest quality materials are used in the production of their play food set. Within the play food set are food items that are both healthy and non-healthy. Some of these choices are eggs, milk, juice, waffles, French bread, potatoes, peppers, grapes, apples, pizza, ice cream, asparagus, pear, orange slices, cucumbers, corn, carrots, broccoli, bananas, milk, juice, strawberries, chips and more. The many food choices contained in the play food set gives children the opportunities to explore and learn while playing.

Customers have loved the Mommy Please play food set. Over 280 Amazon customers have reviewed the play food set, with 99% of them saying they liked their toy food. The average customer review rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars. One verified purchaser left a five-star review that said “This was great there were so many food pieces I actually split it up for two separate gifts and it wasn’t that cardboard crud! It was plastic all that could easily be placed in a laundry mesh sacrifice and sanitized as needed when little love gets sick, and you want to cut down on germs. I was very pleased as we’re said receiving children!!! Thank you, i would recommend to anyone. FYI you may need to use parental judgment on choking hazard due to some pieces are smaller than I would trust under age 3. There also was a great mix of healthy food and “fun” food good to use a teaching model for how we should eat and what foods to limit. Have fun!”

The Mommy Please play food set is sold exclusively on For a limited time, the play food set is on sale for $23.97. Free shipping is available on all orders over $49. A satisfaction guarantee is offered and honored on every play food set purchased.

About Mommy Please: “Mommy Please has worked tirelessly to bring children a play set that will never cease to keep their imaginations going. We strive to ensure that happiness, education, and creativity are all incorporated into play time every single day. As a company that focuses on family values, Mommy Please intends to influence the lives of families around the world.”

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