Custom Tri Suits Australia Men’s Women’s Collection Launched – Champion System

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Champion System Australia, a global custom clothing manufacturing company, updated its range of sports apparel with the launch of an updated range of custom triathlon suits for men and women.

The clothing company has announced the launch of its triathlon apparel which includes custom-made suits, tops, and bottoms for both men and women. The company specializes in making quality custom jerseys and sportswear.

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The latest update allows triathletes to order their handmade sportswear and be involved in the customization process. Champion System aims to increase customer satisfaction, comfort, and athletic performance.

Athletic apparel can affect an athlete’s performance one way or another. Well-fitting and comfortable apparel can aid blood circulation and boost confidence. On the other hand, very tight apparel may restrict an athlete’s movements and contribute to early exhaustion.

As previously announced, Champion System addresses these concerns with its Glide fabric made from a blend of spandex and polyester. Suits made with Glide fabric fit snugly but remain comfortable. They have a breathable quality that lets out heat, decreases friction, and prevents chafing.

According to the company, customers can create their custom designs with the assistance of its expert team in Hong Kong. Triathletes can also customize features of their suits like arm length, leg length, type of gripper, and collar length.

Champion System offers a commitment to crash replacements. This means that customers who get into sport-related crashes can reach out to the company for free replacement suits. Free replacements are also available to athletes whose fitness routines result in a leaner physique.

The custom clothing company offers a range of custom apparel for other athletic activities, including cycling and running. It also creates customized casual wear like tops, pants, jackets, and face masks. Customers’ designs are saved on their personalized online accounts so they can reorder previous designs with ease.

For more than 15 years, Champion System has researched and produced high-performance apparel for athletes around the world. With its latest update, it continues to provide excellent customer support, custom designs, and consistent delivery.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our mission is to become the world’s leading custom sports apparel provider. We will deliver our customers a seamless and collaborative experience, enabling them to create their own brand.”

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