Custom Stethoscopes Gifts For Graduating Doctors And Nurses Launched

A new range of personalized stethoscopes has been launched by Ultrascope. They are designed to make well suited gifts for newly graduating doctors, nurses, and medical practitioners.

Ultrascope have announced that they stock a newly updated range of personalized stethoscopes. The online store offers a range of parts and accessories to create one-of-a-kind stethoscopes for any occasion. They are well suited to newly graduating doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners.

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Ultrascope is an online retailer specializing in stethoscopes, parts and accessories. They state that they create premium quality cardiology acoustics made for noisy environments from durable materials.

The company create pressure-sensitive diaphragms on cardiology grade acrylic bells, which have been tested for durability, chemical resistance and to ensure excellent sound quality. Their range of bells are all hand painted and the store offers over 100 different designs.

The vast range of hand painted designs come in a variety of styles, including sparkly, animals, outdoors, abstract and fun. For example the animals category features the newly released Daschund design and the sparkly range showcases a Glitter & Sparkly Bling design, which comes in a selection of glitter colors.

Ultrascope have created these fun designs so the user can find one to suit their personality and tastes. They also explain that they are designed as gifts for EMTs, doctors and nurses. The more fun and child friendly designs can also be used by pediatric doctors and nurses to take the fear out of health exams or hospital stays.

They also offer customers stethoscope tubing in single, duo and classic stem designs. Available in 11 different colors, the tubes can be purchased to match the chosen bell design. They can also be mixed and matched for different looks.

Ultrascope stock a collection of stethoscope charms which feature different diamantés and images, including intitials, animals and much more. The zinc charms clip on to the tubing and are easily cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol for high levels of hygiene.

A customer has said of their purchase: “This stethoscope is beyond beautiful, I bought it for my sister she is a labor and delivery nurse and she loved it.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the link provided above. They can also be contacted at: 1.877.633.8688.

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