Custom Social Network White Label Builder Community Digital Solution Launched

Digital media company Appkazoo has launched Appkazoo Social to allow brands to create and manage custom social networks in order to engage more with their own online communities.

An Essex-based digital media company Appkazoo has announced the launch of a new tool to create and manage custom social networks. The tool, Appkazoo Social, is intended to be a tool for special interest groups, sports clubs, brands, and businesses looking to engage more deeply with their online communities.

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The newly launched tool enables brands to build a custom social network of their own, completely under their control. This customisation ranges from the user-facing aspects like the branding and content of the platform to the more pertinent business-adjacent issues, like privacy and revenue opportunities.

Appkazoo launched this new social network-launching tool to permit a brand’s community to engage in a space free of competing distractions and to ensure there exists more direct ownership of the relevant content. For the brand, that means the content and data created within the service is owned by the brand directly.

Appkazoo Social is also launching with features intended to keep it competitive within the social network community marketplace. Its user-generated content will include feature-rich options like live video streaming, follow models, notifications, and direct messaging which are intended to make the network straightforward to use, as well as encouraging users to return regularly.

What is not possible with other platforms, but will be in Appkazoo’s newly launched social network tool, is the ability to create and grow revenue. The models are being developed concurrently with the tool’s release but will include a pay-based membership access model, possible sponsorships, ad technology, shopping cart solutions, and others.

The newly launched social network tool can also be live for users in less than a day. Additional features are available to interested brands, including a branded help centre, full white label support, email masking, and deploy to a developer account.

A spokesperson from Appkazoo explained the importance of these social networks in the time of remote working. “Strong communication requires constant reinforcement and a multi-pronged approach. A central, social environment is a perfect place to communicate on all levels.”

More information on pricing and contact details, including a special offer for the first 90 days of launch, can be found at the link above.

Release ID: 88977422