Custom Pet Gifts Overcome Grief Bespoke Jewelry And Portraits Guide Launched

A new guide has been launched covering how to move through grief after the loss of a pet. It highlights the benefits of custom pet gifts, keepsakes and portraits available through Comfort Connects.

4 Paw Memories has launched a new guide to how to move through the pain of loss and grief after their pet dies. It highlights the benefits of the Comfort Connects online store, which offers keepsakes and grief support for pet lovers.

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The newly launched guide explains that when a dog, cat or other pet dies, it’s natural to cry, feel deep sorrow and grief. Pets become part of the family, and it can be heartbreaking to resume life and face a new reality where all that’s left are memories.

Rather than being “just a pet”, losing a dog, cat or other animal can be like losing a sibling. This leads to numerous people wondering how to get by when their pet dies.

The pain of loss can trigger all sorts of painful and difficult emotions. It’s important for people to not feel guilty or ashamed about mourning or grieving their furry friend. One of the most popular methods for dealing with grief is to preserve the remains of the pet in a custom keepsake that is beautiful and unique.

Comfort Connects was created by Rebecca MacDonald, after she faced the loss of her beloved dog Max. She made a necklace that contained Max’s fur, and it helped her through the grief.

This led her to realize that her creation could help more people, so in 2015 she built a community around pet loss and grief. Now customers can find a range of great items in the online store. These include custom jewelry, keychains, pocket stones, and custom made portraits.

These are all based on authentic pet pictures, which ensures that the customer can keep their furry friend close to them.

Comfort Connects states: “The process is very simple and assures that the remains of your loved one will be treated with the highest respect. You will receive photo updates from the idea stage to the finished piece and truly be part of the journey every step of the way.”

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