Custom Outdoor Cushion Covers IKEA Furniture Sunbrella Designer Fabric Launched

People who appreciate exterior design as much as interior design can benefit from a newly launched custom outdoor cushion cover range for IKEA furniture made with Sunbrella fabrics.

People who appreciate exterior design as much as interior design can benefit from a newly launched custom cushion cover range for outdoor IKEA furniture. The range uses designer fabrics from the likes of Sunbrella and aims to brighten any outside socializing space.

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The newly launched range is ideal for people who want to customize or makeover their outdoor IKEA furniture with unique slipcovers. Over the past few months many people have been working from home or spending more time in their home environment. This has encouraged people to modify, renovate, and complete DIY projects, which has caused the range to grow in popularity.

Included in the outdoor Sunbrella IKEA slipcovers range is a Tuscan Orange set that is designed to be paired with dark furniture, a Mineral Blue color that helps furniture to stand out, and a classic Banana Leaf Jungle print by Tommy Bahama. Using the slipcovers with existing cushions provides people with a customized look that instantly refreshes any outdoor furniture or space.

Many of the fabrics used are hard wearing as they are soil and stain resistant as well as water and oil repellent. Individuals are advised to bring the covers indoors when they are not in use to maintain the life of the fabric and keep the design looking bright.

Cleaning the slips is easy as homeowners simply need to wipe them down with warm water and a mild soap solution. Simply rinsing with clear water can prevent dirt from embedding itself into the fabric. Sunbrella fabrics offer extra durability as they quickly air dry and are UV resistant.

As well as outdoor furniture slips and cushion covers Rockin Cushions provides options for armchairs, office chairs, sofas, and rocking chair pads. The latter features one cover with three removable foam inserts.

A customer wrote: “I received these cushion covers, and they are absolutely beautiful. These covers are far superior in quality than the original ones I bought from IKEA. I highly recommend Rockin Cushions for their great quality and timely arrival!”

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