Custom Music Digital Distribution Strategy For Artist Growth Service Launched

A new music distribution service for recording artists and singers has been launched. GT Digital Distribution focuses on helping singers to reach a wider audience and generate more revenue faster.

A new digital music distribution service for music artists has been launched, called GT Digital Distribution – 7 Secrets to Viral Music Artist. Their focus is on helping music artists to skillfully plan, execute and launch a bespoke strategy to drive more brand growth and ongoing success.

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The newly launched service aims to be a direct competitor to TuneCore, CDbaby, Distrokid and others. By focusing on new and upcoming artists, they offer unique services that position them for top distribution. Because in today’s music market, it’s not just about uploading your music and hoping you make money… most won’t or will take them years to make enough money to make it worthwhile. There’s a science to it and it takes connections, the right platforms, the right marketing and media strategy, a secure channel for conducting business safely, a team so you’re not doing it alone and getting burnt out, etc.

By using the newly launched services, music artists are able to distribute their music across worldwide platforms with top level support and the marketing and connections they need to succeed. The service can be used even for new artists or those who have never made money streaming music before. If you’re an artists with experience… this platform will take you to the next level!

One of the primary benefits of the new service is that artists don’t have to become a marketing expert themselves. They can use the platform to sell their music quickly and get connected with other top artists and the much needed connections like produces, managers, videographers, etc.

Secondly, the service connects artists with a real team, instead of automated support, who will be available to help. Their work is centered on helping clients to be successful. The aim of this new service is to give clients the springboard they need to achieve their goals.

The team explains that they wanted to create a platform that gets proven results for clients. For artists, in today’s market, it takes years for most to earn enough to make the career worthwhile. To achieve success it takes connections, the right platforms, and the right marketing and media strategy.

It’s for this reason that GT Digital Distribution created their new platform with a view to helping more singers and artists achieve their goals. They work on a performance-based system, so their strategies will work for you or they won’t get paid themselves.

Michael Watts, the DJ and record label, said: “We are very grateful to GT Digital because they opened doors to a hundred possibilities around the world in local and international markets. GT Digital is the most complete tool for distributing music around the world in a professional, practical and friendly fashion.”

Full details of the newly launched service can be found on the URL above.

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