Custom Home Builders Find Success even as Home Builders Index Drop to Four Month Low

Home builders index reaches 4-month low in February 2015. Some home builders finding marketing success using Find Custom Home Builders website to gain targeted Google leads to their website through SEO.

According to MarketWatch, confidence in home builders has fallen to a four month low this February. The National Association of Home Builders housing-market index dropped 2 points to 55 from 57 in January. As of right now, the the housing-market index is the lowest it’s been since October–although still above the 50 point mark (that generally signals optimism).

With building numbers dropping, it is crucial for home building companies to properly invest their resources in marketing in order to help strengthen their reputation in preparation for a potential continued decrease in the market. The ability to land contracts during a downturn is what will keep many businesses alive and functioning. With this being said, standing out among competition is often hard to do.–a website that helps generate targeted web leads for builders–recommends spending some time analyzing the company website:

“We have analyzed numerous home builder websites and it is scary to see how many of them are totally off target from hitting the market they are looking to reach. We can spot errors with on-page optimization that will hinder you from popping up in the search engines completely. Just the other day we analyzed a home builder website in Grand Rapids that wasn’t set up to target their building areas at all. Problems like this will keep you from getting leads–period.”

Find Custom Home Builders helps building companies generate targeted leads on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. By “optimizing” landing pages that are designed specifically for local cities, the website attracts hundreds of visitors a month that are looking for custom builders.

Founder James Hunt says his website, which launched earlier this month, is already giving worried home builders an uplifting sign of hope:

“We SEO optimize our landing pages so the home builder doesn’t have to spend a lot of money fixing their site. There’s no down time. Our pages only take a day to create and we’re seeing results that month. Our Custom Home Builders Calgary page has been received roughly 100 visits in the past two weeks–and it just launched. Other notable cities include Custom Home Builder Grand Rapids and McKinney Custom Home Builders.”

The website is currently offering a 3-week trial of their services for free to custom home builders. Interested parties should contact the company through email at

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