Custom Glass Ashtray/Lighter Set – Simple Rolling Portable Handmade Range Update

30 Jewels Custom Items, an online shop offering memorably designed, creative products across many diverse categories, updates its range of rolling tray sets, and ashtray and lighter sets.

With the new range, customers have access to a wide variety of rolling tray set designs, catering to all tastes. The eclectic range of set designs offers characters from Dragon Ball Z and a kaleidoscopic Alfred Einstein, amongst many other novel visuals. Included in each rolling tray set is a custom tray, glass ashtray, scoop card, hard plastic grinder, and lighter.

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The latest ashtray and lighter set range offers high-quality ashtrays and lighters with classic cartoon designs. Characters depicted across the sets include Fred Flintstone, Donald Duck, and Homer Simpson. For additional fun and entertainment, the ashtray and lighter sets have glow-in-the-dark features.

Consumers long to find products that stand out and transcend the hackneyed boundaries that they are routinely exposed to through mass-produced, unoriginal goods. The market often appears so saturated with impersonal, thoughtless, and replaceable products that it can sometimes feel difficult to believe that creative, exciting things are available, both in regular shops and online ones.

30 Jewels Custom Items provides an enlivening solution to the dreariness so pervasive in modern patterns of consumption. Its product designs offer irreverent fun and memorable aesthetics without any sacrifice of quality. Highlighting this tendency is its range of Christmas cards, which feature clever depictions of contemporary, beloved music artists. All those interested in learning more about the web shop and browsing its ashtray and lighter sets can do so at:

Several designs amongst the rolling tray sets depict couples’ intimate enjoyment, making them ideal gifts to give to significant others.

Along with its rolling tray sets and ashtray and lighter sets, 30 Jewels Custom Items offers a diverse catalogue of high-quality products for sale on its website. It includes Christmas holiday cards, bags and purses, dominoes, beer mugs and shot glasses, craft supplies, hoodies, and fidget toys. It specializes in both amusing and visually pleasing designs, epitomized by its domino range, which features caricatured mobsters as well as richly hued, ornate Versace patterns.

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