Custom Business Video Player, Hosting & Analytics Announces 50% Discount

PressPlay launches its SMART video service with features that include online marketing tools and analytics for small business owners. New customers can get 50% off for a limited time.

PressPlay, a new business video hosting service with advanced analytics and customization, has announced theirpremier product launch with a 50% discount on their yearly subscription fee.

Fulldetails on the sale as well as the high quality video hosting software can befound directly on the website at:

Thecompany provides a full-scale video hosting solution alongside online marketingtools and services tailored to small business users. Their PressPlay video andlanding page software includes multiple features such as:


Alanding page builder

Landingpage templates

Videointegration with Facebook

Video integration with YouTube

Integratedturnstiles for gated video content

Integratedcalls to action

Integratedemail marketing for lead gathering

MarkThompson, one of the creators behind PressPlay, expressed tremendous excitementat seeing the product launch, saying "The PressPlay service has everything thata small business needs to host professional, high-quality videos affordably andeffectively. We know that video is one of the major drivers of increasedconversion, and the goal of PressPlay is to make it easy for business owners totap into that successfully. Our service creates SMART videos withfeatures that make conversion optimization simple for anyone. On top ofthat, our subscription rates are highly competitive and this makes us the bestvalue in the business."

A singlelicense is good for use on any sites that are owned by the buyer. For those whodevelop sites for clients, there is a separate developer's license.

Underthe developer's license, users of PressPlay are allowed to use the videohosting solution on multiple client websites as well as developer-owned sites.

The 50%off sale is valid for the one year subscription to PressPlay, while themonth-to-month subscription remains full price.

Interestedbusiness owners are encouraged to visit the website and review the details ofthe sale at totake advantage of the special pricing.

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