Custom Beach Cruiser Bicycles With Lightweight Rust Free Aluminum Frame Launched

A premium bike supplier from Miami launches their new customizable bikes to cater to individuals who have specific preferences for their bicycle colors and accessories.

Florida-based company Vivelo Bicycles launches their line of custom bikes, all handcrafted in their Miami warehouse according to customers’ specifications.

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The company’s newest launch offers bike riders the same quality craftsmanship that their brand is known for, but with virtually unlimited customization options.

Vivelo makes personalization of the bikes easy. Customers simply have to select from four base models—La Donna, Rider, Chopper, and Rider X—then they may start playing with the multiple color options until they achieve the look they desire.

Every individual part is customizable, including the frame, grips, handlebar, saddle, tires, rims, spokes, pedals, chain, and cables. The company’s website displays a live view of the modifications, so customers can see exactly how their orders will turn out as they go about personalizing their bikes.

After they’re done picking the colors, they can also add their choice of handmade accessories for an even more unique design. Vivelo’s line of accessories include basket liners, baskets, bells, carriers, seat covers, and valve caps.

When they are satisfied with their orders, customers may check out their cart and their custom bicycles and accessories will be delivered to their preferred address. Turnaround is typically three to seven business days, plus shipping time.

All Vivelo bikes are manufactured using high-quality European components and Swiss powder-coating technology. They also feature ultra lightweight aluminum frames and handmade saddles and grips. Customers may rest assured that their custom bikes will last long as they are made from corrosion-free materials, but they are also backed by a five-year warranty to provide further peace of mind.

A spokesperson from the company states, “Just like you, we place great value on quality and get a thrill out of the smallest details, like colorful spokes or hand-sewn seats. Because none of our bikes are ‘off the rack’ and each is customized to your personal preferences, you can be confident that your bike is as unique as you are.”

With their latest launch, Vivelo Bicycles allows their customers to express their individuality through premium bikes that they can enjoy for years to come.

Interested parties may access additional details by visiting the website above.

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