Custom 3D-Printed Performance Insoles and Sandals From Your Smartphone

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FitMyFoot has announced a new service update to provide innovative custom footwear solutions for customers across the country. The team uses “foot science” and 3D printing technology to create cutting-edge products.

FitMyFoot has unlocked the key to successfully creating and bringing custom footwear to the masses. Customers can now choose from insoles, flip-flops, or slides that are custom tailored to their own feet. They can order and measure through their smartphone to enjoy comfortable shoes with superior kinematic performance that relieves pain and increases stability.

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The latest move is designed to provide affordable custom footwear to a national audience. Rather than having to rely on niche stores and pay premium prices, customers can enjoy optimal comfort and function at an affordable price.

Previously, many customers had to book a visit to their doctor to find the right pain-relief footwear. FitMyFoot explains that its insoles and sandals rival medical-grade orthotics. They are clinically proven to alleviate foot pain and increase comfort for the wearer.

FitMyFoot uses a mix of biomechanics and 3D printing technology to create custom products that meet the demands of nationwide customers. The team has access to more than 12 million data points of real feet, allowing them to create advanced products in a range of styles.

Customers use the award-winning FitMyFoot app to generate an eye-opening, interactive 3D profile of their unique feet. See the angle and curve of each foot, along with their true size, width and arch measurements. FitMyFoot products have been rigorously tested across thousands of customers to ensure optimum comfort and function and are validated in third-party biomech laboratories to achieve all day comfort.

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FitMyFoot uses the latest in computer vision and 3D technology, ensuring the perfect fit and support for customers. The custom designs ensure that shoes have a natural and more healthy range of motion, allowing for increased comfort throughout the day.

For buyers wanting to upgrade their off-the-shelf footwear, a custom insole ensures a more optimal fit.

Sandals have an ultra-soft toe thong to provide customers with a direct alternative to uncomfortable plastic. The heels of each shoe also feature a shock-absorbing design. Customers can wear the shoes for longer and experience better alignment of the foot and ankle.

A recent customer said: “One of the best pairs of insoles I’ve ever used. Love the custom fit and the heel cushion, makes my runs about 100% more comfortable than the standard insole that comes with the running shoe.”

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