Custody Cases Move In Favor With Fathers With ‘Best Interest In Child’.

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New changes to family legal battles move in favor of Fathers winning custody over their children…

Family Law attorneys in Dallas County, Texas focus on “fathers” who are seeking primary conservatorship of their biological children –

Primary conservatorship of a child involved in a contested divorce or paternity case is no longer a guarantee for the maternal party. Many law firms have been representing both mothers and fathers, and in some cases other relatives, in contested divorce and paternity cases and are now focusing on the conservatorship rights of the father.

Family law attorneys evaluate the history and facts in every case that petitions the family law courts for primary custody for the paternal party. The past few decades have shown that the maternal party in a divorce or custody case would have the upper hand in litigating the primary custody of children. The primary custody of a child encompasses the exclusive right to establish the primary domicile of the child for purposes of county of residence and most importantly the right to make the exclusive decision about what school district the child will attend.

It has always been the public policy of the State of Texas to assure that a child of a divorce or paternity suit will continue to have frequent and continuing contact with both parents. However, the Courts will always focus on parents who have shown to have the ability and willingness to act in the best interest of the child. In today’s modern society, both parents are usually employed and have limited time to spend with a child. So, Courts are required to consider the qualifications of the parties without regard to their marital status or to the sex of the party or the child in determining which party to appoint as the primary conservator and the terms and conditions of the conservatorship and possession of and access to a child.

Accordingly, most family law firms have initiated questionnaires used to determine if the father involved in any custody litigation has the history and factual basis to justify family law attorneys to petition the Court for primary conservatorship of a child. Courts will be very attentive to evidence provided by the parties as to the ability to provide a safe, stable, and nonviolent environment for the child. Parties are also encouraged to share in the rights and duties of raising their child after the parents have separated or dissolved their marriage. In family law cases, parents must also understand that the Court will not render an order that conditions the right of a parent conservator to possession of or access to a child on the condition of payment of child support by one of the parents.

Mothers and Father litigants in a contested family law case, should contact a family law attorney that will evaluate their fact situation to determine the issues which will assist in winning a custody case. The “best interest of the child” shall always be the determining factor and consideration that State of Texas courts will use on issues of primary conservatorship.

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