Current Release of Video Wave Makes Waves, As Premium Guide & Walk-Thru Released by IM Expert HanifQ

Current Release of the Video Wave Software Suite Makes Waves Among EMarketing Professionals, As Premium Bonus Package Released by IM Expert HanifQ. Pinterest Launches 'Click-to-Play' Mobile-Only Video Ads

The current release of Video Wave Review is making waves among emarketing review professionals due to its claim of allowing users to create popular keyword-targeted videos. The commencement of Video Wave happens as a new report reveals the launch of a new mobile-only video ad on Pinterest.

Hanif Quentino, creator of e-MarketingChamps, has created a full review and unique bonus for the Video Wave system, which can be seen on his webpage:

Mr. Quentino is considered an authoritative VideoWave review expert, due to his comprehensive experience with video marketing. Mr. Quentino suggests that Video Wave members take advantage of Pinterest's new mobile-only video ad platform.

One of the many companies that is taking the internet by storm, social media contender Pinterest is debuting some new things for their users. It will certainly be interesting to see what the growing business chooses to do next. One of the things that has been added is the click-to-play choice which will allow people to view the promoted content fast and easy. In addition, there are new ads that are targeted for mobile only users. This is the latest in a show that mobile technology is quickly becoming the most important factor in internet marketing. While a few years ago it was a secondary concern for marketers, today it is at the forefront. People use mobile devices at increasing rates, leaving behind the laptop and desktop for work related and other mundane tasks that take a long period of time. When it comes to personal stuff like finding a great restaurant or perusing wedding dresses of the year, mobile devices have it.

So, Pinterest is joining the other giants of the online world in reaching out to this specific target audience. After all, it is the way of the future that is already here. Depending on the success of these video ads aimed exclusively at those using mobile devices, it is possible that Pinterest will begin to roll out other changes that focus on the mobile device using sector of consumers. For businesses who want to find useful ways to reach out to potential and existing customers, Pinterest is a great tool. The addition of click-to-play and mobile-only video ads are fantastic additions to the site. Smart business owners utilize the web, including social media outreach through sites like Pinterest, and taking advantage of all the available tools.

Hanif Quentino's full Video Wave bonus, as well as his unique review, can be seen on the following webpage:

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