Curated Fiverr Gigs Expert Vetted Niche Freelancers Screening Service Launched

A company focusing on the growing gig economy has launched a website that is for the highest-rated freelancers on Fiverr, in a bid to help users find the right expert for their projects.

Cybergigis5 has launched a website that curates gigs on Fiverr. The company aims to help users identify providers that can deliver quality work for their assignments and projects.

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Cybergigs5 provides individuals and businesses with an easier and quicker way to vet freelancers on the platform using a system that automatically recommends highly rated gig workers.

According to the company, the site is also capable of recommending top-rated providers for every price point, which makes it ideal for users with tight budgets.

Visitors who want to use the site can log on and key in their desired niche. The system will then pull up a number of recommended freelancers for that category.

Cybergigs5 has curated gigs for many different categories, including graphic design, digital marketing, writing, translation, video, animation, programming, business services, and many others.

Each listing displays the freelancer’s pitch, review score, and starting rate. The expected date of completion and the number of revisions each customer is entitled to are also shown.

Fiverr is one of the leading online marketplaces that connect freelancers and customers in different parts of the world. Its main offering is gigs or short-term jobs, which are largely digital, that can be completed in a specified period.

According to Fiverr’s latest quarterly report, more than 3.4 million customers commissioned freelancers on its platform in 2020.

Despite Fiverr’s popularity, some users and organizations have taken note of several disadvantages associated with the platform. For example, the Association for Entrepreneurship USA warned against fake reviews and the absence of a set standard for the quality of work.

Moreover, it told readers to do their due diligence and search for feedback outside the platform, which is something that Cybergigs5 provides.

“We test and recommend only the very best ‘niche’ gigs on Fiverr for you,” Cybergigs5 stated on its website.

A 2020 CNBC report found that businesses in the United States are relying on gig workers with “greater regularity”. The same report estimated that the sector grew by six million gig workers over the last decade.

Additional details about the website’s capabilities and benefits can be found at the URL above.

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