Curated Employee Gift Box Unique Holiday Remote Work Christmas Set Launched

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Online retailer, Bondy World, launched their newest gift box option for the holidays. The company specializes in creating curated gift options that are designed to bring people together.

Bondy World, an online retailer specializing in curated gift and snack boxes, released their new holiday line of gift boxes. The company offers gift solutions for the holidays, specially designed to be useful for teams working remotely.

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The latest launch highlights the benefits of sending Bondy World gift boxes to clients and teams this year. The boxes were designed specifically with remote work environments in mind, and are curated to help create a bond between remote team members. The sudden shift to remote work due to covid-19 has been difficult for many employees, and Bondy World seeks to help alleviate some of the challenges presented by this new work environment.

The products offered by Bondy World are curated to help recreate and rebuild workplace relationships. The boxes are suited for all occasions, with their new holiday box being specifically designed for this uniquely challenging year.

Bondy World’s curated gift boxes range in contents, including a mix of healthy snacks, tasty sweets, and useful items. They are suited for both holiday and thank you gifts.

The most recent launch highlights the Merry & Bright gift box. This box contains items such as hot chocolate, an insulated tumbler, dark chocolate, and more.

The company has a wide range of other gift box options for all occasions. Some popular boxes are the Plant Powerbox, which includes plant-based snacks and treats, and the Island Adventure box, which is tropical themed. Other popular options are the Stress Soother box, Meeting Survival box, and Revive & Refresh box.

The products offered by Bondy World are designed to create shared experiences between remote employees. They are well-suited for cyber events, online holiday parties, and more.

Bondy World founders Kimberly Martinez and Lisa Harrington started the company out of a shared desire to help bridge the disconnect that remote and digital work has created within the workforce. By offering products that are designed to bring people together, Bondy World seeks to recreate bonds through shared experiences.

A representative from the company said: “Bondy exists to recreate that energetic connection by engaging all five senses. By delivering shared experiences, Bondy connects and builds teams no matter where they are.”

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