Cupertino CA Knee Pain Treatment – Joint Recovery Medical Clinic Launched

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Cupertino, CA - Spine & Injury Medical Center (408-379-8888) announces that it has updated its knee pain treatment for those looking for an alternative healing therapy for their condition. The medical clinic specializes in regenerative medicine and chiropractic care.

Nearly 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, with knee pain being the second most reported cause. Nevertheless, many patients often do not seek treatment due to a lack of education and a perception that knee pain treatments are expensive and dangerous. Spine & Injury Medical Center demystifies this belief with its newly strengthened services.

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The updated treatments feature the latest research in joint recovery. Emerging data suggest that chronic knee pain can be readily resolved with alternative healing therapies such as chiropractic care. Physiologists clarify that while surgery is an option, it should be considered as a last resort, especially as the specific procedure is typically expensive and requires a lengthy downtime.

Spine & Injury Medical Center approaches therapy holistically. It believes that knee pain treatments should consist of a thorough examination and regular rehabilitation. Though the process takes longer because no drugs are involved, the effects are longer-lasting, as the body learns to heal itself. Further, the all-natural approach ensures that patients heal at their own pace, which removes any potential stress placed on the body.

Also, Spine & Injury Medical Center offers regenerative medicine therapy for joint and knee pain. This type of therapy is ideal when conservative treatments don’t deliver relief and surgery is not an option. In this case, regenerative medicine may be the solution.

New clients are invited to schedule an appointment at least a day before their intended date through the company website. To comply with the latest health guidelines to practice social distancing, only a limited number of patients will be accommodated per specific time slot.

Knee pain treatments may last several sessions as the therapist gently rehabilitates the injury. This may include various forms of physical therapy and natural nutritional advice. Clients are reminded to practice patience as noticeable results may occur only after a few sessions. Still, these results are usually longer-lasting and prevent further injury from occurring.

A grateful patient wrote, “The team is extremely professional and knowledgeable. There has not been a single injury that I have had that they haven’t been able to help me with. Additionally, they explain all my injuries and the adjustments they make, to further allow me to understand them.”

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