Cumbria Common Rail Diesel Fuel Injector High Pressure Pump Testing Launched

Cumbria common rail diesel fuel injector testing company Extract Engineering Limited has launched high pressure pump testing and reconditioning services. The services are available to vehicle and fleet owners in the North West, North East, South West Scotland, and the surrounding region.

Extract Engineering Limited, a leading Cumbria common rail diesel fuel injector testing company has launched high pressure pump testing and fuel pump reconditioning services. The new service is available to diesel vehicle owners and fleet operators in North West England.

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The Carlisle-based fuel injection system testing centre now offers high pressure fuel pump testing and reconditioning services for cars, lorries, and vans as well as agricultural, industrial and commercial vehicles. The centre uses the latest fuel pump testing technology including the new Hartridge Sabre CRI Expert platform..

Extract Engineering is equipped to test the integrity of high pressure diesel pumps at a constant pressure of 2,000 bar. The company has more than 14 years of experience testing common rail injection (CRI) systems and fuel pumps from Delphi, Bosch, Denso, Stanadyne, and other manufacturers.

Modern diesel engines use high pressure pumps to deliver high volumes of fuel at extremely high pressure from the tank into the common rail, shared by an engines injectors. Fuel pumps can fail for several reasons including; infrequent maintenance, damaged sensors, leaks, solenoid failure, and incorrect engine oil.

Common rail fuel pump testing at Extract Engineering involves checks for fuel delivery, leaks, transfer pressure, and metering valve inspections. The Sabre Expert test bench checks a range of technical parameters including: voltage to pressure, the voltage to volume, and absorption against Corona test plan data for each manufacturer.

Extract Engineering also offers an in-house high pressure fuel pump reconditioning service to improve pump efficiency. All pumps are cleaned ultrasonically and refurbished using genuine parts.

According to a spokesperson for the leading independent common rail high pressure pump testing facility in Southern Scotland, “After more than 14 years serving operators across the North West and Borders, we have met every kind of common rail device out there. Our professional service ensures that your common rail pump will operate efficiently.”

Founded in 2006, Extract Engineering Limited is a family-run company specialising in aftermarket diesel engine fuel systems for all major passenger, commercial, and industrial vehicles. Headquartered in Carlisle, the diesel injector testing and refurbishment facility serves customers in the North East, North West, Lancashire, and South West Scotland. The company tests CRI systems, mechanical injectors, fuel pumps, and offers Sabre CRI testing.

For more information about common rail diesel fuel pump testing in Cumbria, call 01228 558866 or visit the URL above.

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