Cubic Zirconia Heart Necklaces Love Quote Inlay Card Jewelry Gift Idea Launched

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Handcrafted jewelry designer RiseShed announces the launch of Asymmetrical Open Heart Cubic Zirconia necklaces, available for worldwide shipping via its online store.

Custom handcrafted jewelry designer RiseShed has launched its new Asymmetrical Sparkly Open Heart CZ Necklace. Its gold heart pendant is decorated with large and smaller Cubic Zirconia stones, providing customers with a more ethical and sustainable alternative to diamonds.

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The newly launched product is made available online for worldwide shipping as an eco-friendly jewelry gift for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and milestones.

The manufacturer notes that the artificially synthesized Cubic Zirconia stones are free of the ethical conflicts associated with common diamond mining practices. Since they are man-made diamond simulants, customers can be further assured that the flawless Cubic Zirconia stones are ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable.

Customers can gift the unique product to loved ones, ideally suited as an anniversary present or a family heirloom. Its gift box includes an inlay greeting card, imprinted with a quote that evokes the symbolic transfer of the giver’s heart to the recipient.

Available in either 14k white gold or 18k yellow gold finishes, the product also includes an eighteen-inch cable chain with an extension and a lobster clasp. The personalized items are specially handcrafted to order.

RiseShed emphasizes that the design encapsulates the necklace as a heartfelt present. The open heart gold-finish pendant is embellished with smaller Cubic Zirconia, surrounding a larger 6.5mm stone.

“All great jewelry has a great background story,” said a company spokesperson. “This pendant’s design inspiration can be seen in the background photograph of the gift box’s inlay card. As two hands join together to make a heart shape around the sun at dusk, it represents the bond created when two people fall in love. They give each other their hearts and the relationship magic begins.”

With the latest announcement, RiseShed continues to stock unique jewelry pieces that cannot be purchased in stores. The Asymmetrical Sparkly Open Heart CZ Necklace is exclusively available online for customers both in the USA and across the world.

Interested parties are invited to visit the website at the above URL to learn more about the fashionable Cubic Zirconia pendants.

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