Crystallize Consulting Endorse Evidence Based Coaching

Crystallize Consulting are leading Australian executive & leadership coaching consultants. In a recent communique, they strongly endorse evidence based coaching.

For several decades, the explosion of life and workplace coaching has occurred across the globe. With this, there has been a demand created for the training of coaches. In response to this, International Coach Federation (IFC), a peak industry body that accredits coaches was established.

However, there has been a two-tier level of qualified coach emerge. One is a highly qualified professional that has undertaken study and examination with all the credibility and rigour of a university master’s program. The other, a qualification that, by comparison with the former, requires less rigourous training in a short course for certification yet do not hold even entry level ICF accreditation.

Mr Tim Hicks, Founder and Managing Director of Crystallize Consulting in an interview with Eleven Media said, “We fully endorse an evidence based coaching practice as it is underpinned by scientifically validated theories and techniques in coaching psychology. Ultimately this results in improved outcomes for our clients. Our concern is that the coaching industry is populated with coaches who hold a range of coaching qualifications from a low-level industry qualification to a post graduate master in coaching psychology, yet we all call themselves executive coaches. .” He went on to say, “All Crystallize Consulting coaches have, as a minimum, undertaken post graduate study at post graduate or ‘masters’ level in psychology along with a track record of success in senior leadership roles in organisations.”

The Standards Association of Australia (SAA) provides a document to assist organisations selecting a coach. This outlines a range of exploratory questions to ask during the selection process. These include enquiring on the depth of qualification the coach being engaged has, what supervision the coaching practice has & the ongoing professional development they require of their coaches. It also encourages questions to be asked on the theoretical orientation and methods used, accreditation in assessment tools, business experience, commercial acumen, professional membership and ethics. The document notes the need for a ‘chemistry’ check. This is essential to ensure a viable & productive coaching relationship.

Crystallize Consulting are recognised as industry leaders, highly qualified and are proud to confirm that they meet all the criteria outlined in the SAA standard for coaching in organisations. They are also proud of their long history of providing evidence based coaching to corporate teams, Government organisations, through to entrepreneurs & business executives. Their approach is to use supporting evidence from four key areas that directly relate to coaching: business and economic science, the behavioral sciences, including psychology and sociology, adult education, and philosophy.

Mr Hicks said, “Our coaches combine the highest level of industry training, with the evidence-based approach. This, without question, helps the coaches to better predict the outcomes of interventions. This approach makes them more effective, and this effectiveness, in turn, delivers the results our clients are engaging us to achieve. The selection of an experienced coach with in-depth industry and academic knowledge is critical. We encourage those seeking a business or life coach to ensure they screen carefully those they are considering to engage using the SAA coach selection document.”

To learn more about Crystallize Consulting and their evidence based coaching, visit their website here:

About Crystallize Consulting

Crystallize Consulting are Sydney based and recognised as a leading Australian executive & leadership coaching firm.

They bring a unique and outstanding combination of academic qualifications, significant working experience as leaders in public and private sector organisations, success in senior leadership roles and extensive life experience to support individuals and organisations to optimise leadership performance.

Their coaching approach is based on validated scientific theory and practice along with post graduate evidence based coaching qualifications across their team. This provides robustness to their consultancy and coaching programs which allows the measurement of ROI in all interventions throughout the coaching process.

The Crystallize Consulting approach is also bespoke for each client consulting engagement, as they know one size does not fit all. They systematically and methodically assess the unique characteristics of the system within which the client operates and develop customised solutions that meet the client exactly where they are at and take them to where they want to be.

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