Cryptocurrency Investment Newsletter Guide Report January Edition Launched

Cryptocurrency newsletter London Letter launched its January issue offering extensive analysis and recommendations for cryptocurrency investors interested in identifying attractive investment opportunities. The current issue suggests that Basic Attention Token (BAT) has significant growth potential.

London Letter, a cryptocurrency newsletter offering investment suggestions, market analysis and other related information, announced the launch of its January edition. After successfully predicting the growing potential of Nexus in its December issue, the newsletter analyzes the potential of the Basic Attention Token (BAT), suggesting that it has significant growth potential due to its applications in the digital advertising industry.

More information can be found at London Letter.

Cryptocurrency investment has become extremely popular since the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and the similar performances of Ethereum and Litecoin. For prospective investors, identifying high-performance cryptocurrencies before they hit their peak growth rate is essential in securing high profits and increasing the value of their portfolios.

London Letter is a professional cryptocurrency newsletter aiming to help investors assess the feasibility of various cryptocurrencies. Its December issue has been one of the most popular cryptocurrency newsletters after successfully recommending Nexus, a cryptocurrency going from $1.85 when initially recommended to $14.73, a growth rate of almost 700%.

The January issue of the newsletter features an extensive analysis of BAT. Based on a system rewarding content quality and consumer attention, BAT revolutionizes digital advertising by removing intermediary parties while also providing advertisers with more return on their investment. Since it has been implemented in the growing Brave browser, BAT has considerable chances of seeing rapid growth in the future.

London Letter currently suggests buying BAT on Bittrex/Binance and storing it on MEW/Uphold. Other portfolio suggestions include buying Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and holding Nexus.

London Letter does not offer financial advice, all suggestions being based exclusively on personal views on the cryptocurrency market.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Each month, we pick an undervalued cryptocurrency and feature it in our newsletter. Our in-depth research is full of insider news and details that most people don’t know about. As a result, you can invest in solid projects before the masses get on board. Projects we pick have so much potential and room for growth that a small investment of a few hundred dollars can become a life-changing amount of money.”

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