Cryptocurrency Exchange Aggregator Crypto Wallet Easy Swap 2020 Report Launched

Crypto Info Wire released a full report on the benefits of using a cryptocurrency and altcoin aggregator to buy and transfer cryptos between various exchanges.

Crypto Info Wire, a company specializing in high-quality cryptocurrency investment resources, launched a new report on using a reliable cryptocurrency and altcoin exchange aggregator. The report offers an overview of the benefits of using an aggregator and suggests an intuitive platform that can be easily adapted to a variety of online crypto swap and exchange processes.

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The newly released online resource is primarily aimed at anyone interested in purchasing cryptocurrencies but worried about the complicated buying and transferring process.

Crypto holders looking to buy multiple cryptocurrencies often have to transfer cryptos between multiple exchanges in order to buy all desired coins. This is not only time consuming and inconvenient, but it also involves multiples transfer fees.

The Crypto Info Wire report suggests using a cryptocurrency and altcoin exchange aggregator to solve this issue.

Readers will find that services like CoinSwitch can significantly improve the swapping process. The report explains that CoinSwitch has integrated leading global exchanges like Binance, KuCoin and Cryptopia, offering users an accessible way to trade cryptos between exchanges.

The report recommends using CoinSwitch for an easy, intuitive way to swap cryptocurrencies.

“CoinSwitch has really simplified the process”, explains the report. “You just select the coin you want to exchange from the first dropdown, and then the coin you want to exchange it for. You will then be able to see the available exchanges and compare their rates. You then select the best deal, convert your coins, and provide your wallet addresses. Then you can track your transaction on the blockchain, and when complete you can move your coins to a wallet.”

The new online resource also includes a practical guide on how to buy cryptocurrencies and how to integrate and monetize cryptos on various websites. With the latest report, Crypto Info Wire continues to expand its range of high-quality investor-oriented cryptocurrency resources.

Interested parties can find the new report by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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