Crypto Token Daily Lottery – Decentralized Ethereum Blockchain System Launched

Gamecoin Wire has released a report on a new blockchain cryptocurrency lottery that gives investors the opportunity to increase the value of their portfolios. It is a decentralized lottery that uses LOTTO Ethereum ERC-20 tokens.

The company behind the system,, started out with an idea to give several users the chance to boost their return on investment each week. Since the lottery was launched alongside the LOTTO token, it has become an established decentralized game that gives token holders a fair chance of winning twice a week.

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The new game has been automated to prevent the likelihood of interference while ensuring that it is random, so all users have an equal chance of winning. It is purposefully unlike traditional lottery systems that are arguably outdated and technologically behind.

LOTTO allows anyone who has the token to be automatically entered in the twice-weekly draws, which may become daily as the token continues to grow.

With a broad range of crypto experiences to draw on, the team behind LOTTO understands the needs of the new wave of tech-savvy investors. They know that individuals are interested in alternative options to help them save for the future and build wealth.

Initially, the tokens were freely given to users via airdrop if they met the minimum eligibility criteria. This included Upfiring (UFR) holders, PoolTogether users, anyone with a top Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token, and those who registered through Telegram or 4Chan.

LOTTO tokens are now available to purchase with Ethereum and other cryptos via online exchanges. With a total supply of two billion LOTTO tokens, offers investors liquidity in the short and long term.

User-friendly and simple, joining the lottery has been developed with the end-user in mind. Before each lottery draw, 10 tokens are automatically taken from every user and added to a pool, which is distributed randomly to one winner for each draw.

Crypto lotteries are growing in popularity because of the inherently transparent nature of blockchain systems. They are legal to play but may not be viewed in the same way as fiat currencies, as many countries do not yet recognize cryptocurrency as legal tender, although this is changing.

A spokesperson for the company said: “LOTTO is immutable, meaning that the lottery will run continuously, and no third party can stop it from occurring. After the time lock period has passed, anyone can call the startGame() function to commence the lottery.”

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