Overcoming Trauma Blocks | Self Belief/Spiritual Help Expert Guide Launched

Angelina Lombardo, owner of The Inner Authority Academy, has launched a new guide to overcoming trauma blocks. It aims to empower the reader to reveal the rewards of manifestation after managing their trauma individually.

As an experienced life coach, Angelina understands that the source of clients’ suffering is often rooted in the lies they tell themselves. With the new guide, she encourages readers to look within to realize that the trauma and abuse they have experienced was not a result of manifestation.

More information can be found at: https://www.angelinalombardo.com/post/howtobreakdowntraumablockstorevealtherewardsofmanifestation

Manifestation has grown in popularity over the last decade, compounded by the impact of figures like Tony Robbins. The personal development industry was worth over $38 billion in 2019, and has only grown since. With the new guide, Angelina Lombardo cuts through a key issue associated with the topic.

Those drawn to the notion of manifestation can fall into a trap, according to The Inner Authority Academy guide. Because they are taught that adapting their thoughts can change their life, victims of abuse may be inclined to think that they created their situation.

The guide dissects manifestation, and highlights that anyone believing in the process is at risk of experiencing trauma anew.

Angelina Lombardo underscores that trauma lives so deep in the nervous system that conscious thoughts can’t engage with it.

She states: “The concept of manifestation is a temptation to spiritual bypassing. It lures you in with the siren song of ‘change your thoughts, change your life!’ while completely ignoring the deeply wounded parts of you that need healing.”

The ultimate aim of the new guide is to invoke self belief and confidence in the reader, helping them to realize that they can heal, overcome trauma, and achieve their goals.

This message is a central component of Angelina Lombardo’s work. She has experienced firsthand the impact that inner truth can have on personal wellbeing. Her intuition guided her through disease, marriage issues, and losing her career. Now she has found her purpose and strives to help others do the same.

The Inner Authority Academy provides personalized coaching to encourage participants to embrace their full self. Alongside the program, courses are available that include 12 weeks of content, an actionable workbook, and integrated coaching.

Interested parties can learn more at: https://www.angelinalombardo.com

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