Crypto Exchanges Increase Twitter Engagement & Grow Base With Unique Strategy

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Tokenamix™ launched a new strategy called "Viral Growth Funnels," which helps Crypto Exchanges 10X their Twitter reach, engagement & influence. The new multi-task approach is unique, because it grows ALL other social media accounts (at the same time).

Earlier this week, Tokenamix announced the launch of “Viral Growth Funnels”, a revolutionary growth-strategy for for Crypto Exchanges looking to 10X Their Social Media Influence—but it does so, with a difference.

A growth-consultant from Tokenamix, Pablo W. said: “It’s the safe and proven way for Crypto Exchanges to 10X their Twitter followers and grow all their social media.”

He continued: “Our strategy not only grows and activate the exchange’s Twitter base… it also grows ALL their other social media accounts (at the same time)”

So, as Crypto Exchanges adapt to 2021 regulations (in a post-pandemic world), Tokenamix feels as a breath of fresh air. They tailor their approach to each client, and often work along existing marketing teams—providing an extra hand to engage, activate and 10X their social media influence.

Pablo W. added “We amplify marketing systems (in post-pandemic ways), to help Crypto Exchanges reach new revenue levels. It doesn’t matter at what ‘stage of growth’ the exchange is (about to launch, already launched, years in the game, established, seasoned, etc). They might have 10, 100, 300,000 or 1M+ followers—whatever the case, we can help them get bigger (more popular) and grow their user/client base.”

Based on our research, “Viral Growth Funnels” is a new and effective social media growth strategy. Which is not only unique, but proven to work—since one of their clients grew 30,000 percent in September 2021. According to this CASE STUDY:

Pablo W. concluded: “Our complex viral strategy works wonders, and the logic is simple… Twitter is where “crypto” and “financial conversations” take place (that’s where the exchange’s target market is). So, we grow their brand and followers on Twitter, and at the same time, we scale their entire “Social Media Universe” (wherever that might be).

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