Crypto Asset Exchange Platform/ZENIQ HUB Tokenized Decentralized Trading Launch

ZENIQ Innovations announces that it is currently developing the world’s first hardware for fully integrated digital finance. The asset exchange platform, ZENIQ HUB, is expected to herald a new age in decentralized trading, combining modern banking with blockchain technology.

ZENIQ HUB is a new digital ecosystem for moderately aggressive investors with a long-term outlook. The hardware gives users the opportunity to invest in various speculative products in their early stages through tokenized assets. Ushering in a new use of fintech through blockchain, ZENIQ HUB attempts to be the go-to portal for digital investments in the next few years.

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The new decentralized exchange addresses a need in the market for a secure, convenient, and fast modern banking system. Now, investors can back optimistic ventures with solid profits using blockchain technology and tokenized assets. The goal of the ecosystem is to offer versatile payment options for peer-to-peer transactions.

Despite the DeFi industry expanding and cryptocurrency trading becoming more mainstream, many people are still hesitant to trade in decentralized marketplaces due to their complete transparency. The very nature of the system means that all users have access to each other’s information, which may prevent less aggressive investors from pursuing viable market opportunities.

ZENIQ answers this with its own decentralized blockchain that empowers its community to trade across any crypto assets safely and simply. Through the HUB, users do not have to pay fees to transfer or buy in, and enjoy a healthy currency exchange rate. There is also an option for investors to receive an IBAN link for each transaction.

The new cryptocurrency ecosystem simplifies and streamlines online and POS payments. This means that investors can readily back their chosen speculative project in a versatile solution that accepts tokenized assets for trading.

ZENIQ HUB is also expected to launch its own unique app where investors can participate in permissionless peer-to-peer fiat and cryptocurrency transactions in real-time. Its creators say that the digital asset ushers in an upcoming revolution in asset management and finance.

The hardware is networked through SAFIR Global DMCC, ZENIQ’s sister company. SAFIR is a multi-awarded IT hardware company based in Dubai, UAE offering unique solutions for businesses wanting to remain relevant in the digital world.

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