Cryotherapy alliance provides marketing resources tools & support to businesses

Cryotherapy businesses are growing, but they face the challenges of low publicity and misunderstanding of the benefits their treatments offer. An alliance has been formed to offer support to those in the industry and help it grow to the benefit of all.

The cryotherapy industry is often misunderstood and faces many challenges as a result. The term itself has been attached to various stigma, which has unfortunately prevented those who could benefit from it access to its benefits. At the root, cryotherapy simply translates into “cold treatment.” It should not be confused with cryogenics or invoke an image of a scientist studying elements or freezing and reanimating human bodies in the future. Cryotherapy is an industry of its own that is finally starting to be recognized for the good that it can do, in particular to those with chronic pain.

The popularity of cryotherapy is growing because wellness professionals are discovering that they can treat a variety of ailments and provide great value to their patients. The treatments are not just for professional athletes or celebrities, either. They are within reach to the common citizen, but, like most newer ideas, they get identified with familiar faces who are known to participate in them.

Because cryotherapy treatments are a drug-free alternative that is beneficial for chronic pain, inflammation, and many mood-related disorders like depression, insomnia, and addictions, more people are seeking it out. The result is a market that stretches throughout the U.S. and around the world. More and more cryotherapy businesses are being opened with the aim of helping their local market enrich their quality of life, but they still need to fight the confusion surrounding what it is they are offering.

Enter Antra Getzoff, a practising cryotherapist who has lived through the industry’s humble beginnings and is a success story. “I took a huge risk back in 2010,” says Getzoff. “I left a well-established life in my home country Latvia and moved to the United States with just two suitcases and a dream that Americans may fall in love with cryotherapy as much as I had. We started from scratch, as there was no awareness, and cryotherapy market was simply non-existent. Just a few months later, I had a demonstration location in Los Gatos, CA, and the journey towards an all new industry had begun.”

Getzoff is the founder of the International Alliance for Cryotherapy Professionals, also known as Cryo Pros United. The goal of the organization is to share all the resources and tools one needs to grow their wellness business. “I just feel that after battling so hard to establish my business that it’s time to give back. Cryotherapy still lacks publicity and marketing, and all wellness professionals will benefit from a joint effort to increase awareness of the treatments and its benefits.” Getzoff adds: “I want the credibility and reach of cryotherapy to expand, and I will do everything that I can to help the industry grow. Because I believe so much in the benefits of cryotherapy, we created the 1 Million People Pain Free Challenge. It is for business owners as well as individuals and the goals are to help those in pain get the treatment they need, help the businesses that offer treatments get access to the customers they need, and raise awareness of this very effective alternative to taking drugs that only mask symptoms.”

Cryo Pros United is creating a community where business owners will have free access to research, data, business and marketing tools to help them promote cryotherapy and their business in general. Best practices and advice will be shared from those who have made it work, and support will be available to anyone who needs it.

To learn more about Cryo Pros United and the 1 M People Pain Free Challenge, visit or call them at 1 (800) 484-0297.

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