Cryoskin Facelift Centerville Ohio Stimulantes Extra Collagen

The cryoskin facelift at Centerville Ohio Spa is becoming more popular than surgical facelifts amongst patients who desire tighter, more plump facial skin.

Patients seeking a cryoskin facelift in Centerville Ohio can look no further than Shap Spa. Highly trained technicians freeze away unwanted areas, and utilize cold therapy to boost circulation and the production of collagen in the face. With a newfound abundance of collagen growing, patients experience lessening of fine lines and wrinkles, and subsequent tightening of the skin.

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The cryoskin facial at Centerville Ohio Shap Spa is relaxing, and noninvasive. It is performed by expert technicians who employ different methods and modalities of cryoskin depending on a patients’ wants and needs. Cryoskin facials are customized for every patient of Shap Spa to ensure the utmost in individualized care. Patients are highly satisfied with their cryoskin facial at Centerville Ohio Shap Spa. Many patients report that although the cryoskin facial in Centerville Ohio is cold to touch, it is not uncomfortable.

During the Centerville Ohio cryoskin facial, the facial skin is exposed to freezing temperatures, which causes pores to tighten and shrink and blood vessels to contract. After 30 minutes of the cryoskin facial, the skin is brighter and tighter, and inflammation has been reduced.

Patient of Shap Spa, Kirsten Drew’s, states: “I was not happy with the appearance of my face and neck until I underwent a few cryoskin facials at Shap Spa. The cryoskin facelift was noninvasive and I was able to return to my normal daily routine immediately after the treatment was completed. I saw some immediate results but by the 2nd week after my treatment I was so pleased with how much tighter and more plump my skin looked. Thank you.”

Shap Spa not only performs cryoskin facelifts and cryoskin facials, they also perform cryoskin on the body to freeze and destroy adipocytes, which are the cells that store excess weight on the human body. When adipocytes are frozen, they die and the body eliminates them via the lymphatic system and other mechanisms over the course of two weeks. The adipocytes never return, so cryoskin can be considered “permanent,” as the original cells are entirely destroyed.

When several cryoskin treatments have been performed, patients experience a more toned physique, less cellulite, and smaller circumferences of their waists and legs if they choose to undergo treatment on such problem areas. Adoption and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet is recommended to patients who have undergone cryoskin treatments to ensure that results remain for as long as expected.

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