Cryo Facial Liverpool Treatment Launches January 2017

Cryo Clinic Liverpool announced the availability of their new Cryotherapy Facial Treatment "The Frozen Facial" beginning January 2017. More information can be found at

Used by sportspeople to boost muscle recovery, cryotherapy has found itself into facials. Customers looking for the latest Cryotherapy Facial Treatment will soon be able to purchase The Frozen Facial by Cryo Clinic Liverpool. Today Ruth Brislin, founder of The Liverpool Cryo Clinic releases details of The Frozen Facial treatments development. The Frozen Facial is designed to appeal specifically to men and women of all ages, and includes the following features:

The CryoPen Liverpool is an advanced cryotherapy tool. This is great news for the consumer as It offers a fast and effective way to remove and treat skin imperfections. The treatment is conducted using a unique portable pen-sized device. Customers who buy The Frozen Facial should enjoy this feature because the treatment can take just 5 to 30 seconds using a tiny, portable pen-sized device. Various skin conditions treated – Cryo Clinic Liverpool made sure to make this part of the Cryotherapy Facial Treatment’s development as here are just some of the skin conditions which are able to be treated when a client has a cryo facial Liverpool: Wrinkles, Rosacea, Enlarged pores, Acne scarring.

Ruth Brislin, founder of The Liverpool Cryotherapy Clinic, when asked about The Frozen Facial treatment said:

“Cryotherapy is known to be a relatively low-risk procedure. During The Frozen Facial air is chilled to around -30°C and is moved around your face until your skin feels almost numb, which is more relaxing than it sounds. This stimulates collagen production by increasing blood and oxygen supply. “

This is Cryo Clinic Liverpool’s first release of a new product and Ruth Brislin is particularly excited about this release because it certainly delivers a tighter, more lifted appearance!.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at Cryotherapy Liverpool

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the treatment listing, here: Cryo Facial Liverpool

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