Crown Moulding Remains A Top Trend In Interior Home Design For 2017

A new survey reveals respondents prefer crown moulding on walls, making it a top home interior trend for 2017. Blumer & Stanton’s Decorative Cut Crown Moulding is easy to install, for the increasingly amount of people that desire to have crown moulding in their homes.

Los Angeles, California – September 11, 2017

Crown moulding is said to be a top interior design trend in 2017 used to dress up walls by many homeowners, according to a new Houzz survey. The survey revealed that one of the top things people want to put on their walls was decorative crown molding, because it gives homes character and personal flair. Crown moulding remains the most traditional form of moulding typically seen in homes in America, because it adds depth to a room enabling homeowners to treasure their home even more.

Blumer & Stanton, a leading provider of fine residential and commercial architectural millwork, recently made available their Decorative Cut Crown Moulding on Amazon for home builders, remodelers, and homeowners. Blumer & Stanton’s Decorative Cut Crown Moulding is easier to work with than other types of crown mouldings, because it is more durable and custom milled from real poplar wood. A company spokesperson stated, “Decades of unmatched service in South Florida’s construction industry has rewarded us with the opportunity to expand our offerings on Amazon. Our Decorative Cut Crown Moulding is more durable than MDF or poly, and lasts decades.” Blumer & Stanton uses only the finest materials resulting in high quality products that have made the company have such an established reputation for excellent quality and service.

Some home builders have begun using two heavily figured mouldings in recent years to make a crown look like it has six or seven smaller pieces, but Blumer & Stanton’s Decorative Cut Crown Moulding avoids the frustration of installing a multi-piece combination moulding. The Blumer & Stanton spokesperson states, “Our Decorative Cut Crown Moulding is a large crown profile, saves time and energy, and is suitable for installation alone or with other pieces as part of a combination moulding. The mid-section relief provides a defined and stepped transition between the cove at the bottom and the subtle S-curve at the top. This creates the appearance of a multi-piece combination moulding due to this prominent break between its features. Milled from poplar wood, it perfect for a paint finish and is easy to handle and install.”

For people looking for inspiration or wanting to have crown moulding installed into their home, Blumer & Stanton’s Decorative Cut Crown Moulding definitely delivers. Crown moulding is used to add visual appeal in a room, helps people achieve their decorating goals, and provides a lasting impression on people. Because crown moulding is relatively inexpensive to purchase and install, crown moulding is expected to remain a top suggestion for home improvement throughout the remainder of 2017.

Blumer & Stanton offers a full satisfaction guarantee on their Creative Wood Cut Crown Moulding as long as the material has not been altered in any way. People who are interested in knowing more about the company or their products can visit their website or Amazon.

About Blumer & Stanton, Inc:

Blumer & Stanton Enterprises is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and was established in 1946. Blumer & Stanton primarily operates in the Millwork business, making quality custom woodwork. For over 71 years, the company has had the privilege of serving South Florida’s distinguished and quality-conscious builders with custom architectural woodwork, entryways, cabinets, columns, doors, shutters, and wood moulding profiles – from elegant upscale residences to high-end commercial projects. For decades, Blumer & Stanton has been widely recognized as an innovative and leading manufacturer of crown mouldings.

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