Crowdfunding Trends Catch on – New Crowdfunding Platform Makes it Easier to Raise Funds Online

While crowdfunding was confined to only a few niches about two to three years back, it is now spreading its wings according to the latest crowdfunding trends.

Crowdfunding is expected to have grown into a 10 billion plus dollar industry by the end of2014 going into 2015.  Certaincrowdfunding trends have fueled this growth, and a recently launched newcrowdfunding  platform has made takingadvantage of these trends simple and easy.

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January 2, 2015

It’s clear thatcrowdfunding is not only here to stay, but it’s also an area that’s totallychanged the way people think of and execute the funding of projects.  A 5 billion dollar industry in 2013 andexpected to double that figure by the end of 2014, crowdfunding trends arebeing watched carefully by the brightest economic minds in the world.  There’s hardly an important area they don’ttouch.

This  new crowdfunding  platform was launched with the goal of makingcrowdfunding easier and more profitable than previously possible.  Many experts agree, the future ofcrowdfunding is a height that’s difficult to comprehend.

Some of thepopular areas utilizing crowdfunding include: films, music and other cultural projects; tech and informationbusinesses; non-profits; and much, much more. The list is certain to just continue to expand in the months and yearsto come.

Benefits of thenew platform, include:  no entry fee;the chance to keep all donations and to receive donations instantly; and beingbacked up b a skilled team willing to lend assistance.

Users of theplatform and crowdfunding experts have both given it two thumbs up.

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