Crowdfunding Business Startup Finance New Masterclass Video Training Launched

A new video training course covering crowdfunding for startup businesses has been launched by the UK’s leading specialist, Anthony Lovell de Souza. It is designed to help business owners finance their ventures successfully with expert guidance.

A new crowdfunding video masterclass has been launched to help startups secure the finances they need for their future projects. The course will be delivered in five hours of online video and presented by the UK’s leading crowdfunding expert, Anthony Lovell de Souza.

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The newly launched course acts as a deep dive into every aspect of crowdfunding, providing students with the resources and confidence to launch projects of their own. Whatever their reason for needing funds, the course can help them to secure it.

Crowdfunding is a global phenomenon and has grown to become a major force in fundraising. It continues to grow strongly year by year, with companies, charities, and individuals across the world raising billions through crowdfunding platforms.

Now, the new course presents startup businesses with the key insights and strategies they need to make their crowdfunding campaign a success. By taking the new course, businesses can greatly increase their chance of getting the funding they need.

Anyone wanting to learn more about crowdfunding for startups and business startup funding sites will get their questions answered in the newly launched course. Anthony Lovell de Souza is a specialist in the field, and covers all of the best crowdfunding sites for startups.

Topics covered in the newly launched course include choosing the most suitable type of crowdfunding campaign, finding the right platform, creating custom videos, generating traffic, building a crowd and more.

Anthony Lovell de Souza states: “The course explores all aspects of Crowdfunding in detail, providing participants with the resources – and also the confidence to launch their own successful campaigns.”

The course was recorded live at a private training event in the UK, and is now available online across 5 hours of video on demand content.

To mark the release of the new course, participants can get a 20% discount by entering the coupon SAVE20 at checkout. This allows them to get access the entire course at a reduced rate.

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