Crowd Search Me Review and Bonus Revealed

Crowd Search Me is a revolutionary cloud based software that improves Google user metrics such as click through rate and dwell time.

Crowd Search Me is a push button cloud based software that leverages the power of the crowd to increase organic rankings in Google. It accomplishes this with hundreds of thousands of real users searching within search engine results, laser targeting specific keywords to webpages. The end result is a higher click-through-rate(CTR), and increased dwell time (opposite of bounce rate), which gradually increases organic SERP rankings.

Full review, analysis and bonuses given for Crowd Search here. Other alternatives exist but they are often free and extremely limited. For instance, the same IPs are used over and over, leaving a footprint of searchers to Google. This will have the opposite reaction and likely cause website penalties, as opposed to higher rankings. Crowd Search Me has the infrastructure built over the period of 2 years, leveraging the power of anonymous real users from all over the world.

The searchers are primarily from the highest adsense click values, also known as the highest value traffic in general. Places such as USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia. Due to rising demand, the bonus will only be available prelaunch and to VIP affiliates post launch.

Release ID: 70808