Cross Training For Dancers – Strength And Conditioning Workout Programs Launched

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New Cross Fit training programs released by Artisan Athletes - specifically to benefit dancers and those in competitive dance. Improving strength and stamina helps dancers perform at the highest level.

Artisan Athletes, based in Sydney, Australia, has released a new online program to help dancers improve their artistic performance by improving their athletic performance. They create digital workout programs designed specifically for dancers.

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Their new programs target a variety of different goals. Improved stamina, increased strength, and explosive power are just some of the focuses. In order to maximize the time in the studio, there has to be work done outside of the studio first. These programs introduce and teach dancers how to cross train.

Cross training is the practice of varying the style of one’s workout, to incorporate other disciplines or sports. This type of training can result in significant improvements across the board. Muscles adapt to stress over time and the same training decreases in effectiveness. Dancers often spend all of their training time in the studio which can also lead to overuse injuries. Cross training tackles both issues, it shocks the body and helps correct muscle imbalances. In fact, cross training has been proven to create a more well rounded, and less injury prone athletes and dancers.

Artisan Athletes was founded by Dominique and Steve Klein. Dominique is a dancer and Steve is a personal trainer and physical therapist. They saw the gap in Dominique’s own training and set out to fix it, now they seek to help others do the same. Dancers are often told that their career is very short where other athletes’ professional careers can last into their 40s. They believe that cross training is the key to helping dancers lengthen their career, reduce injuries and do what they love for as long as they want.

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Artisan Athletes offers a variety of workout programs ranging from complete 6 week programs to specific fit guides that focus on individual elements, such as recovery or core strength. The workout programs currently available include three 6 week programs: Launch, Level Up and Level Up 2.0.

Launch is designed to increase a dancer’s speed and power to improve dynamic movements such as leaps. The Level Up programs are designed to level up a dancer’s fitness and endurance, which leads to less fatigue related injuries. The 6 week programs are available for $75 while the fit guides are available for $20.

Here is a review from a dancer that completed the launch program: “I was not expecting to gain much height throughout the program, even in the last weeks. However, when I measured myself, the progress I had made was so surprising. The program was so easy to follow and the exercises were a good balance of achievable & challenging.”

Their mission is to empower dancers to become the best they can be, through innovative training programs. Strength and conditioning programs bridge the gap between the rich tradition of dance training and the ever-evolving understanding of the human body.

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