Cross-Platform Professional Networking Business Social Media Platform Launched announced the upcoming launch of its eponymous cross-platform business social media platform for professional networking. The service helps influencers, brands, and businesses showcase their products and services while cross-posting to all major social media channels. announced the upcoming launch of its eponymous cross-platform business social media platform for professional networking. The business community social networking service is designed for B2B and B2C small, medium, and micro-businesses.

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The new small business networking platform is optimized for influencers, freelancers, and local businesses. users can now share content from their news stream across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Current features under development include cross-posting to Pinterest and Instagram. features an uncluttered user-friendly interface where influencers, brands, and businesses can create a professional profile page with a unique domain name. User profiles are a fully functional substitute for a corporate website and allow brands and businesses to share news, links, images, text, and video content. Each profile is assigned a unique QR code for easy sharing.

The business networking social media platform features an upvote and downvote system to minimize fake news and troll posts. is fully optimized to upload and share resumes, contacts, business links, and promotional content. The echo feature allows users to share content on their news stream instantly and cross-post to other social media sites or share via instant messaging and SMS texts. is a feature-rich platform designed to share image and video galleries, mobile apps, recruitment updates, online marketplace links, and hashtags. The platform helps businesses share new product releases and service updates with millions of users across multiple social platforms and facilitates high-value viral business content.

The business networking platform for sole proprietorships keeps all profiles on a level playing field by displaying follower and connection counts only to profile owners. is particularly beneficial to startups because it allows them to showcase their products and services to angel investors. It also supports links from all major crowdfunding platforms. Currently, is free for all users and offers ad-free and ad-replacement options through its Go Shub Pro feature.

According to a spokesperson for founding partner Mark Fryer, “Small, medium, and freelance businesses have been left to fight for virtual space against large corporates for too long. We built this platform to give small and micro-businesses a new way to access quality business content, engage with their customers, and access a thriving ecosystem of investors, partners, vendors, creatives, and prospects.” is a free social media networking platform for influencers, brands, and businesses created by entrepreneurs Adrian Wheeler and Mark Fryer.

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