Criminal Lawyer Gary Medlin Of Medlin Law Firm Announced As TCBA President Elect

The Medlin Law Firm, a criminal defense firm in Fort Worth, Texas announced that managing partner Gary Medlin is the Tarrant County Bar Association President Elect.

The Medlin Law Firm, a criminal defense law firm based in Fort Worth, Texas, has announced that Gary Medlin, managing partner and a board-certified criminal defense attorney, is now the President Elect of the Tarrant County Bar Association. By serving as the President-Elect, Gary Medlin continues his service to the community and his legal peers.

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Recently announced, the appointment of Gary Medlin as the President Elect of the Tarrant County Bar Association further strengthens the Medlin Law Firm’s legal and ethical standard and adds to the progress of justice. As the President Elect, Gary Medlin will assist in the maintenance of the Association, benefits, and will serve the community.

The Tarrant Bar Association answers public questions and helps the community find an attorney that’s appropriate for their case. Also, the Bar Association has 18 substantive law sections that professionals can become members of, so that they can share similar professional interests, create inter-professional liaisons, and up-skill their legal education.

As a board member of the Tarrant County Bar Association, Gary Medlin aims to improve the association and to uphold its disciplines. With over 35-years of criminal defense experience and a Texas Board of Legal Specialization certification, which is a distinction achieved by less than 10% of Texas attorneys, Gary Medlin offers the Association a wealth of knowledge and unwavering dedication to justice.

The Medlin Law Firm & Gary Medlin handle all types of criminal cases such as DWI offenses, manslaughter charges, drug, theft, gun charges and assault crimes (and other areas of criminal law) . The Medlin law firm team has regularly posts statistical content of their record as attorneys on the site above for all visitors and clients to see and is one of the only firms that is completely transparent with their judicial grades.

When asked about the Medlin Law Firm and Gary Medlin, clients said, “I just wanted to say a big thank you to Gary Medlin and his staff in the handling of my DWI case in Tarrant County. I was very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Gary and his team. Unfortunately, I found myself arrested for a criminal offense by a questionable officer, and I had to locate an attorney to represent me and restore my once clean record.” There are many more glowing reviews about the Medlin Law Firm and the outstanding work this criminal defense law firm has done in the DFW community.

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