Criminal Defence Barrister Howard Godfrey Announces KC Title For Jury Advocacy

UK criminal defence advocate barrister Howard Godfrey has been appointed as the King’s Counsel (KC, formerly QC) for his profound knowledge of the law, witness cross-examination skills, and the power and persuasion of his jury advocacy.

Howard Godfrey, a fraud, bribery and corruption criminal defence specialist barrister, has been awarded a King’s Counsel (KC) status in recognition of his expertise and experience in his field. The appointment is reserved for the country’s most distinguished barristers, bestowing a title of honour and respect. Godfrey’s advocacy experience spans over 40 years, covering both national and international cases and a range of charges.

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Howard Godfrey's recently announced acknowledgment reflects his reputation as one of the nation’s top criminal barristers owing to his extensive knowledge of the law, his probing and refined cross-examination skills, and the eloquent persuasiveness of his jury advocacy. Godfrey believes that, although it is the judge who ultimately rules according to law, it is the jurors who decide his clients’ fate. Thus, excellence in jury advocacy is indispensable to the art of criminal defence.

Godfrey says that part of his defence strategy is to first get a bird’s-eye view of a case before diving into the details, so as to clearly see the optimal route of approaching the prosecution. Armed with this understanding of the case, Godfrey has often managed to get his clients acquitted before the jury trial even begins.

In the early stages of a case, Godfrey works to place his client in a favourable position by focusing on the prosecution’s disclosure of information before the trial. Making an early push for disclosure can reveal gaps in critical evidence or misconduct by the police. As a result, Godfrey’s clients are often given a pre-trial ‘not guilty’ verdict.

Godfrey maintains his practice in his birthplace of London while living in Berkshire with his wife of over 40 years. He studied law at the London School of Economics (LSE) and went on to teach at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, and then at LSE, before taking on full-time practice as a barrister.

Godfrey said, ‘When you advocate in court, it’s the jury who decide if someone is guilty or not. The judge deals with questions of law, but at the end of the day it’s the jury that really matters.’

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