Criminal Attorney In Houston Helps Client With 3 DWI’s Avoid Major Jail Time

Alcoholism is a serious disease and can lead to serious problems. When charged with a third DWI in Texas, the penalties are substantial. Having the right attorney is essential in defense.

In the State of Texas, a third Driving While Intoxicated allegation is filed as a 3rd degree felony. The penalties can range from a fine up to $10,000 and a prison sentence of 2-10 years in the Texas Department of Justice System.

This client had previously taken “time-served” or credit for the time while in jail on the prior DWI cases, but never invested in a probation that could have rehabilitated the client at the misdemeanor level. Fortunately, this time was different.

Alcohol use is considered a brain disease, according to Web MD. Alcohol causes changes in the brain that make it hard to just quit. Trying to quit using strong will is like trying to cure appendicitis by thinking happy thoughts. It’s not enough. It’s important to seek help for the disease.

While on bond for the felony DWI charge, the client found Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step meetings and began to obtain solid sobriety. The client found a sponsor and began working the steps. By the time the client went before the judge, the judge saw a different man who had put distance with the prior alcohol addiction. This was important because it showed real effort and progress in gaining control of alcoholism.

The client’s case resulted in felony probation with a sentence of 10 days in jail, but served them on the weekend. Unfortunately, there was still a felony conviction with the loss of the right to vote or have a firearm.

Defending DWI and DUI charges requires special knowledge of the intricacies of the law in this area. This is not a time to use a friend’s uncle who practices family law because that is what’s within your budget. Click here to learn more about finding an attorney.

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