Crib Mattress Protector Premium Quilted Cotton Biodegradable Product Launched

A new crib mattress protector has been launched by Stuff4tots, a parenting website and store. This new mattress protector is designed to keep baby comfortable and happy while protecting the crib mattress from stains and moisture.

Stuff4tots, a website for baby and small child information and products, have launched a new waterproof crib mattress protector. This mattress is soft and comfortable for babies to sleep on whilst protecting the crib mattress from stains and moisture.

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Stuff4tots is a new business owned by Louise and Michael Oliver. They explain that their aim is to provide high quality products for babies, toddlers and their parents. The website contains, alongside the products, many reports on baby and toddler care, feeding advice, games, learning and the latest news in parenting.

Babies spend a large amount of time asleep in their cribs and it is important to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for them. The site explains that diapers leak and bottles can spill, so it is reassuring to be able to protect the crib mattress and to clean up quickly and easily.

They state that cheap mattress protectors are a false economy, making for a sweaty and uncomfortable baby. They are proud of the quality and feel of their mattress protector because it is not only soft and comfortable for babies to sleep on, but because it is functional too. It is made from premium quilted cotton, hypoallergenic and fully machine washable, making life for parents easier.

The design of the protector means there are no plasticky crinkle noises when in use, making for a more peaceful and uninterrupted sleep for babies. The water resistant TPU layer is non toxic, vinyl free, and breathable. The mattress protector is also biodegradable making it a great choice for those conscious of the environment.

They state that they have recently improved the mattress protector, making it even better than before. It has now been made slightly bigger to allow for shrinkage occurring from washing and tumble drying. They are also a universal fit, being 28” wide and 52” long, and will fit all standard crib mattresses.

All products are available through Amazon and visitors to the site can just click on the links to take them to the Amazon page. Products can be purchased securely and the company offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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