Creston Industrial Tooling & Supply: New Metalworking eCommerce Platform Launch

Creston Industrial's new website includes an industry-first online store for metalworking tools with two ways to shop. One for technicians like engineers - the other for administrative buyers.

The new website offers an innovative online store with separate portals for seasoned engineers and administrative buyers. It comprises helpful features like advanced technical and application-based search functionality, 3D model downloads, list management, and more.

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With this launch, Creston Industrial delivers an experience that caters to experts who require advanced search features for metalworking products and a different experience for buyers who need a streamlined system for quick replenishment ordering and account management.

Visitors to the company’s website gain access to over one million products organized into categories for easy navigation. The buyer’s portal contains products classified according to categories like brand-name, bestsellers, and hot deals. In contrast, the engineer’s portal offers a much finer level of detail when searching, filtering, and recommending a metalworking tool. This allows visitors to find the best possible tool for their job using detailed search parameters like depth of cut, workpiece material, and cutting edge length, to name a few.

The website’s buyers portal is designed to meet the needs of non-technical customers, including administrative employees, purchasing agents, and finance officers. Its engineering platform offers a more advanced alternative tailored to the in-depth technical needs of engineers, CNC programmers, and machinists. Through this portal, engineers will gain access to major brands of CNC tooling and other niche products within a relatively short amount of time. Engineers can also download the 3D model of their required tool simultaneously.

For first-time visitors, Creston Industrial provides detailed guidelines on making purchases easier by categorizing tools into lists for financial reporting and routine ordering. Its custom list building feature helps buyers prepare regular orders for tools, parts, and accessories by creating a wish list on their account.

About the Company

Founded in 1958, Creston Industrial provides professional tooling, industrial equipment supplies, and engineering services to manufacturers, engineers, and end-users from its headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company also supplies industrial cutting tools, MRO supplies, and more.

A satisfied customer said, “The new website is revolutionary. Creston Industrial always seems to make the right decisions for a mutually beneficial relationship and always are looking for ways to improve. They provide accurate knowledge, the best service, and the fairest pricing in the game. I have great confidence in this company and in the direction it is headed.”

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