Cremation Services Provided to Salt Lake City, UT

Please use the services of Wiscombe Memorial for dignified, affordable cremations and related services in Salt Lake City, UT. More information is found at

Cremation has soared in popularity in this country in recent years. The funeral directors of Wiscombe Memorial would be honored to assist the families of Salt Lake City, UT with their cremation plans and in the establishment of a permanent tribute indicating the location of the ashes of a loved one. The funeral directors would like to inform the public that choosing cremation does not limit the ways that a family can pay homage to its deceased. Please learn more by visiting

The compassionate funeral arrangers of Wiscombe Memorial offer traditional funeral services that come prior to the cremation process. Many families find comfort in experiencing the final arrangements of a loved one in a sequence and format that they have witnessed many times before. For the viewing and funeral, the funeral directors have a variety of cremation and rental caskets for use in displaying and containing a loved one’s physical remains. The funeral directors skillfully prepare the departed for such services by sanitizing, cleaning, embalming, dressing, casketing, applying cosmetology and the restorative arts (if needed) and styling the hair of the deceased. He or she will have the finest and most peaceful presentation possible. The funeral directors also make the arrangements for funeral flowers, musical accompaniment and clergy member officiation at the family’s request.

A direct cremation lends the opportunity to hold a memorial ceremony in a loved one’s honor on the date and in the place that a family wants. As opposed to having only a few days to prepare a funeral service, a memorial gathering gives a family as much time as they need to plan the commemorative event. It is common for such life celebrations to take place on the year’s anniversary of the person’s passing. This also provides guests with a better chance of finding economical travel and lodging arrangements.

In addition, the staff of Wiscombe Memorial helps families to create lasting memorials to cremated loved ones. Many families find solace in having a physical marker of the deceased’s remains. In addition to providing floral tributes and end-of-life merchandise, the funeral directors will guide families in setting up an onsite memorial where surviving loved ones can visit to commemorate the departed and reflect upon his or her path, accomplishments and influence on their lives. A meaningful and fitting memorial can be made for cremains in a cemetery at any time.

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