Cremation Services, Denver – An In-depth Review of Sierra Cremations

Cremation Services in Denver - Consumers are now faced with a challenge in comparing which cremation service provider is the best. This article is a comprehensive review of Sierra Cremations.

Cremation Services in Denver and everywhere else in the United States has grown in popularity over the years. In fact, the cremation industry today has gained dominance over burial services and sources are projecting the former to gain more popularity over the years. With the rise in demand for cremation, however, comes a rise in supply. Because of this, consumers are now faced with a challenge in comparing which cremation service provider is the best. This article serves to offer a comprehensive review on one of Denver’s leading cremation companies, Sierra Cremations.

In a 2018 report by the Funeral Directors Association, cremation rates in the United States has reached a higher percentage in the industry compared to burial percentage and is projected to grow up to 80% in the next ten years or less. “This year the cremation rate is predicted to reach 53.5 percent, with a forecast that the national cremation rate will now reach 80% by 2035.”

The unprecedented shift from the norm — from burial practice being the preferred funeral rite by the consumers to cremation as the masses’ preference — has affected many funeral homes. Evidence of which is the decline and closure of several funeral businesses.

Experts believe that the cost of burial versus cremation is the major, but not the sole reason for the shift. An average burial costs around $7,000- $8,000 while cremation can cost around $3,000 up to $6,000. Since there is no need for a lot of land, casket and embalming services (given that the burial shall take place within 24 hours), cremation expenses can be reduced to the bare minimum.

Another reason is the shift in religious practices with the acceptance of cremation as a funeral rite by some religious groups and the major shift on religious standing of the populace.

With more and more preferring cremation as their after-death care option, many new cremation service providers has also come into play. In Denver alone, consumers can see an obvious increase in the number of cremation providers. This can easily lead to confusion when it comes to which to choose from.

Apart from the many companies offering cremation, the industry has also evolved with the times and many are now offering a more convenient option called Direct Cremation. Consumers can now arrange the cremation of their loved ones online with pick-up and delivery services. Because of its convenience and affordability, direct cremation is becoming the preferred option and is projected to grow even more popular with consumers in the future.

“A significant growth area in the cremation trend is the demand for direct cremation. A direct cremation is where no ceremonial services are provided by the funeral home. The deceased is cremated and the cremated remains returned directly to the family. According to the Cremation Research Council, the average cost of a direct cremation in the U.S. is $1,100,” shared the website US Funerals.

According to Denver-based cremation service provider, Sierra Cremation, another important advantage of direct cremations is the freedom of the bereaved to hold any kind of ceremony they wish based on their preference and budget restraints. “Choosing direct cremation can potentially save you thousands and gives you the freedom to hold a service in your own way and whenever you like,” shares Sierra Cremations.

There are many ways to hold the ceremony. Some choose to hold one before the cremation is done and others after.

“A funeral service can be held prior to or after the cremation procedure. You may decide to hold the main funeral service, with the body of your lost one in a coffin, before the cremation process starts. Others select to hold a memorial after the body is cremated. This can be a wonderful alternative for family members that call for even more funeral prep work time. A memorial after cremation can be either a standard service with the cremated ashes existing in an urn as opposed to the common casket or a lot more casual memorial held as the remains are positioned or scattered in their final resting location.”

The cremation provider boasts of a fast and efficient service from the moment a phone call is made until after the body is cremated in a fair and affordable price point. They also provide care and assistance during and even after the service has been given. The cremation service provider understands and acknowledges the need for empathy during the extremely difficult period of loss for their clients.

“We know what your family is going through so our friendly and experienced team will guide you with all the support that you’ll ever need. Our caring, family-focused group will completely keep an eye on the whole cremation procedure, operating carefully with family members to ensure the service runs efficiently. We can help you with preparing a memorial or funeral service as soon as a death qualification is given. To acquire a cremation you furthermore require to provide a legal affirmation,” shared the Denver-based company.

With more and more cremation companies propping up and with the increase in demand for cremation, looking for a good, affordable and effective service provider can be a difficult task. Empathy, an organized and specialized service and affordability should be the three things consumers are looking for more than anything else.

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