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Those who provide palliative care services prepare others for loss of life by focusing on comfort, the beauty of existence and the meaning found in the journey of life. Dr. B.J. Miller suffered a tragic accident during his second year at Princeton University which left him a triple amputee. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, he remained steadfastly positive and used his suffering as a means to identify with and understand others. He studied art to heal mentally, finished his time in college, entered medical school and developed a profound interest in palliative care. His zest for life reinforced by his brush with death, he now engages in mountain biking and also rides a retrofitted motorcycle. At 45, he began his fifth year as executive director of the small hospice center called the Zen Hospice Project located in San Francisco, California. He has changed the way that people view death by talking about it in a non-frightening way. Having almost died himself, he has a credible perspective on end-of-life matters. He was invited to speak on a show hosted by Oprah Winfrey, and gave the discourse that ended the TED conference of 2015. His TED talk was viewed more than 5 million times. His fresh take on the issues surrounding life’s conclusion evokes thoughts in others about what constitutes a good death. In the final moments, what is important? More on the amazing experiences of Dr. Miller can read about in the complete article written on him at

At Madison Chapel Funeral Home, serving the communities in and around Madison and Brownsboro, AL., the funeral directors understand that each individual life holds tremendous significance, and must be honored in a highly-personalized fashion. As one learns from the teachings of Dr. Miller, death need not be a subject of dread and fear. It is a natural and inevitable event. What one should do is cherish and commemorate the lives lived by loved ones who have passed on in unique and memorable ways. The well-trained funeral professionals at Madison Chapel Funeral Home assist in making these goals realities by offering customization of funeral and cremation options that satisfy the needs of all families. Their website offers the ability to preview the distinctive styles services, caskets and urns they make available to families. Madison Chapel Funeral Home website also features online obituaries which include information about a loved one’s life, family and accomplishments. Their expert staff is skilled at creating meaningful tributes for loved ones of all backgrounds. To learn more about the services provided by Madison Chapel Funeral Home please visit or call today at 256-895-9900.

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