Cremation and Traditional Burials provided to Madison, Alabama.

Funeral services such as Traditional and Burials, Cremation Services and Honoring Veterans are offered to the residents of Madison, Alabama and surrounding areas.

Madison Chapel Funeral Home has been helping the people of Madison, Alabama deal with the loss of their loved ones for three generations. Please visit this handsome funeral home to see the difference that decades of experience can make in providing funeral services unrivaled in dignity and professionalism. Madison Chapel Funeral Home services people of all faiths and nationalities, and ensures that its facilities are wheelchair accessible. The funeral directors of Madison Chapel Funeral Home provide their services at an affordable cost so that families can focus on friends and relatives rather than on exorbitant funeral rates. For further details on the services provided, please visit

Please allow the staff of licensed funeral directors at Madison Chapel Funeral Home to make the funeral process run more smoothly and to provide a place where mourners can demonstrate their grief in the proper environment. The funeral directors are always on call to answer questions, address concerns and provide the support needed during this difficult time. They offer pre-planning and pre-funding options which can be arranged either in person or by utilizing the online Pre-Planning Form available on the Madison Chapel Funeral Home website. They also provide funeral shipping services both domestically and internationally should it be required that the deceased be moved over a significant distance. Madison Chapel Funeral Home guarantees that deceased loved ones will be treated with compassion and respect on their journey to their final resting place.

The funeral directors at Madison Chapel Funeral Home coordinate the transport of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home or to the crematory if cremation is selected. They obtain the death certificate and as many copies as are needed to close the decedent’s accounts and settle his or her estate may be ordered through the firm. If cremation is chosen, the funeral directors get the cremation permit and make arrangements with the crematorium to get pricing information and to make certain that the departed is handled with care. For viewing, the funeral directors sanitize, embalm, provide cosmetic services, dressing, hairstyling and casketing. At every step of the way, they value the life lived by the deceased.

They work closely with families to gather information to complete paperwork and to compose the obituary of the departed, which they send to the newspapers of the family’s choice. The funeral professionals at Madison Chapel Funeral Home also provide families with assistance in making insurance claims and getting Social Security and Veteran’s benefits. They speak to the clergy and arrange to have a member officiate the service. If musicians are desired to perform at the ceremony, they speak to them on behalf of the family.

In addition to lending support during the funeral process, the funeral directors at Madison Chapel Funeral Home remain there for the bereaved after the burial or cremation of their loved ones with 365 Days of Grief Support For those living in the Madison, Alabama area, please join them at Madison Chapel Funeral Home for experiences in healing during this trying time.

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